The MSM Team

Iron sharpens irons.

At MSM, we are only as good the individuals that surround us. The team is the most crucial component of getting things done on time and on budget. Each MSM team member is an entirely self-reliant individual both in technical work, as well as in the backcountry. With various and diverse backgrounds - our team brings an in-depth knowledge of not only our work but the outdoors. Each and every set is run smoothly and made possible by the hardworking individuals that compose Muddy Shutter Media.

Andy Tran 

Founder // Creative Director

Phil Steinhoff

Partner // Business Development

Lillian Heryak

Administrative Officer

Kelly Meissner

Branding & Marketing Specialist

Tony Yan

Logistics Manager

David Savoie

Lead Photographer // DIT

Antonio Plaza

Director of Photography

Quy Tran

Digital Asset Manager

Keith Ailes

Director // Post-Production Lead

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