What we love doing - day in day out.

Our jobs are not the typical 9-5, nor is it glorifying or elevating. Some days, the work can be grueling and the hours strenuous, but we're thrilled doing what we do. Excuses and complaints don't exist in our vocabulary. We recognize, that to get something done we need to hop right in and do it ourselves. Fueling boats, hauling meat, and helping out around camp - all of these things are apart of our work ethic. To capture the most authentic stories, we have to be willing and active participants.

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- Logistics & Planning

- Storyboard & Scripting

- Location Scouting

- Concept Visualization


- Photography

- Short films & Documentaries

-Aerial Imaging

- TV/Broadcasting

- Commercials + Brand Spots


- Editing

- Color Grading

- Image Post-Processing

- SFX & Motion Graphics

- Photo Composites

Brand Services:

- Asset Management

- Media Buying

- Social Media Management

- Influencer Outreach

- Ad Sales & Negotiations

- Project Management

MSM in the Wild

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